Sleek R/C Ninja and Swarthy Pirate Fight it Out In Your Own Home

Illustration for article titled Sleek R/C Ninja and Swarthy Pirate Fight it Out In Your Own Home

First we showed you the remote control pirate ship, and now we introduce to you the pirate himself, in a vicious R/C battle against his ninja nemesis. Of course, since ninjas are superior to pirates in every way, this should be no contest. Jump to the next page to watch the video of the two inflatable warriors duking it out in a sumo-like confrontation, where the pirate looks appropriately drunk, and the ninja is nimble and swift, as usual. But the ninja just isn't invisible enough for our taste. Anyway, either watch the video or you'll just have to guess who wins in this epic video battle.


Obviously the ninja emerges victorious, as usual. Sorry, but we just lean toward ninjas. Want a rematch? Stage your own battles for $39.99. [Think Geek]



@omg-ponies: I knew you couldn't hold that Pirates > Ninja position forever.

Toys like this just continue the elaborate misinformation campaign, started by the founders of Talk Like a Pirate Day and some silly cartoonist, that wants our children to believe that somehow, someway, Pirates are even in the same strata of awesomeness as Ninjas.

Ninja toys that don't come with Pirate Toys FTW.