SlingPlayer iPhone App Finally Allowed to Stream TV Over 3G

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When the SlingPlayer iPhone app launched last May, it was hamstrung by AT&T's insistence that it stream video only over Wi-Fi. It was an untenable position, given that and others already stream over 3G. Today, finally, the carrier relented.


This has been in the works since mid-December, and both companies still need Apple's sign-off before the new 3G SlingPlayer app is available. And don't worry: if you'd previously purchased the $30 Wi-Fi only app, you'll get a free upgrade once the new version is available.

As for what it will do to AT&T's already clogged 3G network, only time and a few dozen dropped calls will tell. [NY Times]



Yay! this was my primary reason for jailbreaking- you can trick applications to think it is on Wifi when it is really on 3G.

For people wondering how the performance is, I have a 3GS and it works very well, there are times it is extremely laggy, especially when I have 3 or less bars of service, which for AT&T is well, you know. Hopefully this is because the Slingplayer thought I was on Wifi where this doesn't occur as much, and there is more optimizations that could be done in the background.

In terms of battery life, if you are going to watch more than a 30 minute show, I'd get a battery backup. With that, I am able to watch a 3 hour baseball game, shutting it off during commercials, without completely draining the battery.

Also, this is probably obvious, but don't even try using it without 3G. On Edge, it is unusable.