Slip Your Special Mail Into These Letter-Holder Bookends

This is just a clever use of space right here. These bookends keep your softcovers in line and your mail in order. All your favorite paper goods, all in one place, tidy and organized. Nice!


I just moved apartments this weekend and am therefore very acutely aware of just how much stuff—bound, enveloped, and otherwise—I have saved over the years, and I love how easily these would add a bit of order to the chaos. They're made out of Polystone, which is generally used for countertops—that means they'd definitely be able to survive any kind of wild domestic wear-and-tear.

I actually think they would be simple as hell to make if you were so inclined, using any kind of material and little boxy vessel on either end. Because at $45 each, you're paying for convenience—but also clean lines and the ease of ordering online without futzing around with sourcing your own materials. [Mollaspace]

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