Slot Loading Xbox 360 Uses Guts of an iMac

Click to viewIt's a matter of taste, but seeing the technological phenomenon in motion, this slot loading Xbox 360 is fairly enviable. Modded with a Frankensteinian hybrid drive combining half the Xbox's stock Hitachi (DVD) drive with half of an iMac's stock (CD-ROM) drive, the job looks like it must have been a complete pain. But luckily, we have the power of internet video to get our vicarious optical media insertion kicks. [Xbox-Scene via Hardocp]

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Thats a mighty impressive feat, making a hybrid dvd drive knowing how picky the xbox is with its dvd drives.

But i think that particular xbox is modded more than one might think, because havent he drilled more ventilation holes? I dont seem to recall this holes on the side on my own 360.