Smart Cookie is Smarter Than an Average Cookie

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We are all familiar with the magic 8-ball and the fortune cookie, but what happens if you put the two together in one device? The Smart Cookie is the result; a fortune telling cookie that dispenses answers to life's most pressing questions with quirky witticisms such as; try the eggroll, answer sweet and sour, future sticky like rice and you don't wonton know. Well, lets try it out:

Q: Oh wise Smart Cookie, pray tell, will the forthcoming Year of the Rat bring prosperity for us?


Ans: Future sticky like rice.

We thought the Year of the Rat would have been different. We thought that maybe once, just once, we wouldn't be mass debating with about gadgets all year. Who are we kidding? We wouldn't have it any other way. [Product Page via Nerd Approved]

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halloweenjack, King of the Wild Frontier

Me: Any last words before I beat you to death with a hammer?

Cookie: C'mon, man, I'm just doin' my job here...


Me: Ah. So, that's how it crumbles...