The best scene in Return of the Jedi isn’t when Vader kills the Emperor, or when the Death Star explodes, or even when Han Solo thaws out of carbonite. It’s when the Ewoks take down an AT-ST walker using a couple of giant swinging logs, and it’s just as satisfying when recreated with Lego.

The video team at Wired spent about three hours building a highly-detailed 1,058-piece Lego AT-ST model, and then 0.16 seconds destroying it with a couple of scale-sized logs. They also filmed it in slo-mo, because they want your Tuesday to end on a high note.

It’s not the first time the Wired team has destroyed a giant Lego model. They sent the plastic Super Star Destroyer crashing to its doom earlier this year with similarly wonderful results. So here’s to hoping that as long as Lego keeps producing these elaborate Star Wars sets, the folks at Wired will keep destroying them. [Wired]


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