"Snack-Size" Cigarettes Offer Super-Size Nicotine

In an era when smokers are subjected to the hostile smoking environment of...fresh air...our friends at Philip Morris are ready to accommodate those looking to expedite the process stepping outside. They've packed the same amount of nicotine goodness into a smaller package—think of it as the iPod Nano of the lifespan cigarette world.

The product is called Marlboro Intense, and it's being test marketed in Turkey.

While a normal cigarette measures 8.5cm, the Marlboro Intense is just 7.2cm long. If it takes the average person 7 minutes to smoke a cigarette, our middle school math tells us that the average Intense would take just 6 minutes to enjoy (we calculated the time saved at 63 seconds).


We're not going to end this with a snarky, anti-smoking comment. That shit is like crack nicotine to the smoking crowd. We'll just observe how interesting it is that the miniaturizing trend (that could probably be best credited to consumer electronics) has made its way to tobacco products. [timesonline via dvorak][photo]

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