Snapchat's Delivering the News, and Everything Else You Missed Yesterday

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The app that’s been the sexting ticket for tweens worldwide has been aggressively repositioning itself, recently as a news source. Find out more about Snapchat’s plans—and other tech news you might’ve missed—in today’s BitStream.


Apps and Devices

Snapchat launches a—wait for it—news division. And they’ve landed CNN political reporter Peter Hamby to head up the new effort. The photo-sharing app’s journalistic foray isn’t totally new; they launched “Discover” earlier this year, a service that integrates content from outlets like CNN. [Politico]

Get ‘em while their young! Nowadays, more than a third of babies are interfacing with smartphones and tablets before they walk or talk. By 1 year old, one in seven is using such a device for at least 60 minutes a day. [ScienceDaily]

Apple released its second quarter results, reporting that a whopping 69 percent of its $58 billion in revenue came from international sales. [Apple]

Researchers at MIT think that smart homes could not only keep track of thermostat settings and whatnot, but also vital signs of the residents. Ahh, if these walls could talk... they’d tell you your heart rate! []

Surfers are embracing green technology—like, really green. Like, actual algae. The world’s first algae-based surf board was recently designed by bio and chem students at the University of California, San Diego. []



Nokia won’t be making or selling any more phones, it said in a statement Sunday. There were some rumors that it might start licensing cell phone designs to Asian companies. The statement didn’t address those specific claims, however. [Forbes]


Oculus Rift might not be released this year, from the sounds of it. According to recent statements made by the CEO during the recent Facebook earnings call: “We have not announced any specific plans for shipment volumes in 2015 related to Oculus. I’d just note that Oculus is very much in the development stage.” [IGN]

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Snapchat is now the leader in Boobs, Dicks, and News...