Snapdragon Processors Take You All Around the World

Armed with a phone featuring a Snapdragon Processor, a group of adventurers set out across Shanghai, Moscow, Dubai, Mumbai, Rio, LA, New York, London and Paris, racking up 36,000 miles across 4 continents in 20 days. The video was shot exclusively with the Snapdragon-enabled phone, requiring it to record and playback hours of full HD footage through take after carefully orchestrated take to create the nifty illusions in each location. The video is a testament to Snapdragon processors' capabilities.


Mobile processors, like the Snapdragon Processor from Qualcomm, are the hard-working digital brains of your mobile devices. The Snapdragon Processor enables your phone to support a variety of now-expected features and capabilities like GPS, high performance graphics, HD and 3D video and touch-sensitive screens. And where the Snapdragon Processor really outpaces its competitors is with its incredible stamina. Qualcomm has smartly designed its processor with the best available modem, CPU, and GPU, which allow your phone to work harder and longer.

So, what can you do with the power of one charge? To prove Snapdragon Processor's longevity, Qualcomm is asking those of you in the US to like Snapdragon on Facebook and share your own "One Charge" ideas (Best suggestion to date? One fan filmed themselves eating dozens of popsicles before their battery died). You could win a Snapdragon-enabled smartphone, tablet, or other SnapSwag. Don't worry about making anything complicated, simply visit the "One Charge" app, and share a quick video or photo about what you could do on the power of "One Charge."

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