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The Awl has a nice interview with Edward T. Hall III, a sensitive young man who made a splash in the news recently for trying to sneak past airport security by crawling on the luggage conveyor belt. But it's OK! He was doing it for love! Or, more specifically, to make it on a flight that was about to leave so he could spend some more time with a lady named Maya.

I stepped over the scale. I didn't jump. I walked over to the baggage carousel and climbed onto the conveyor belt. Over my shoulder I heard people yelling, "Sir, sir you can't go in there." By the time I got to the plastic dividers, they stopped the conveyor belt, and I had to crawl on my hands and knees. It was like that scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, where Harrison Ford and that Asian kid were on the mine cart. Low ceilings and totally dark in some places. I had to push someone's bag out of the way. Eventually it opened up into a corridor.

There was a baggage handler who saw me emerge. He looked surprised and said, "What in Scott's name are you doing?"


The things we'll do for love! [The Awl]

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