Snelflight Jump Jet, a Fast R/C Micro-Aircraft That Hovers Too

Illustration for article titled Snelflight Jump Jet, a Fast R/C Micro-Aircraft That Hovers Too

You know, remote control micro-aircraft are cool, whether they hover like 'copters, fly like birds, or do both: like the new Jump Jet from Snelflight. It's a kind of mashup toy, with four rotors to keep it aloft in the hover, or tilted to propel it forward, vectored-thrust style. From the demo video of a prototype in flight, it looks much easier to control than the multiple-crashing Chinook:

The aircraft charges from a power brick (not the controller, like Picoo Zs,) and a full battery will apparently give you around five to six minutes of flight. Its got proper three-axis control too, so you have forward and backward flight and yaw and roll. The IR remote has a range of 30 feet, and the model is designed to be robust enough to survive the impacts it'll incur as you learn to fly it (or at least, that I would cause as I learned to fly it!) This extra sophistication means it will cost around $160, and it's due for release imminently in the UK and apparently later in the spring over in the US. And I want one! [SnelFlight]



@Computer_Chef: Yeah. This is cool and all, but I'd love something that could do some serious Harrier jet maneuvering. This isn't a very elaborate doodad though, so it gets nothing but thumbs up for me.