SNL Revisits Your Clippy Nightmares With a New Assistant Named Pushie

Microsoft's Clippy is the oft-bemoaned helper of Windows software until the friendly and overzealous paper clip was killed off for Office 2007. Detested by consumers and Microsoft alike, Clippy didn't leave behind much adoration. But last night, SNL preyed upon our Clippy nightmares with a new office assistant, named Pushie.


Host J.K. Simmons, a disgruntled computer user who could be anyone of our technologically inept family members, sits down to write a letter to college buddy named Phil only to unfortunately summon the aid of Microsoft's new push pin assistant. After doing what the Microsoft Office assistant was often best at—being annoying—Simmons hunts for the "murder Pushie" option, a button that unfortunately never existed in real life.

Although Clippy is still (and most likely will be forever) the subject of endless tech-related jokes, when MS discontinued Clippy in 2007, Office Group Program Manager Jensen Harris said that Clippy's "social user interface wasn't ready for the mainstream yet." With Microsoft now implementing digital assistant Cortana directly into Windows 10 and other applications, maybe the ghost of Clippy survives. [Hulu]

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