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So This Is What Kindle Games Look Like

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You could already use Instapaper on your Kindle, but now Amazon's released two games. Games! A Kindle app store's been inevitable ever since Amazon opened the device to developers in January, but now we know what'll be on the shelves.

The two games, Every Word and Shuffled Row, are both text-based, which makes sense given that they're on a black and white device QWERTY device geared at bookworms.


In Every Word, you're shown six or seven letters and tasked with finding how many words they contain:

Your score is comprised of two components: first make a lot of words, second try to make the longest word possible in each scramble. The best way to increase your score is to do both, but it's a huge bonus to find the longest word possible. Why? Because when you do, you earn the right to play a completely new level with a brand new set of letters. As long as you keep finding the longest word, you can move on to a new level with a new jumble of letters and push your score higher and higher.


While Shuffled Row also asks you to find words, this time in 60 lettered tiles:

The tiles are added to your row one at a time so you'll constantly be working with a new set of letters. After you submit a word, the letters you used will be removed and new ones will be added. Increase your score by using less common letters. Create longer words and increase your score even more. If you don't use the letters fast enough, they'll disappear and new ones will take their place, so you'll have to decide if you want to play it safe and use short words or try to wait for more letters to form longer words.


[gallery 5604692]Both games are free to download at Amazon right now. They look fun if you're a word dork like I am, but rudimentary. So now that we know Kindle games are here, the question is how far will they go? [Amazon via TechFlash]