So, Which Marvel Role Would Be Perfect for Keanu Reeves?

He needs Marvel roles. Lots of Marvel roles.
He needs Marvel roles. Lots of Marvel roles.
Image: Lionsgate

We’re in the middle of the Reevessance.

The world’s fixation on Keanu Reeves got another jolt in the arm this week after Kevin Feige told that apparently Marvel Studios has been regularly checking in with the actor over time regarding potential roles in their movies. So, that begs the question: Whose comic book shoes should Keanu step into?


No, you can’t go Gary Oldman in Leon the Professional and yell EVERYONE at us, as true as that might be. Although really, if Marvel has actually been trying so long to get Reeves on board it seems wild we’ve yet to see him show up in the last 11 years of Marvel movies. Who could he have replaced? Which alternative universe is the one where every Avenger is just a different facsimile of Keanu Reeves?

Anyway, we’re getting away from ourselves here. We’re looking for your picks for future roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that could be perfect for Reeves. The current rumors were swirling around The Eternals, but have fun—it could be in one of the rumored upcoming Phase Four projects, it could be wild speculation, hell, given that Disney has now consumed Fox in a similar manner as to how Galactus consumes planets, it could be any one of the characters previously restricted to Fox’s domain. Pick a Marvel character, and tell us why Keanu would be the perfect fit.

Other than the fact that he’s Keanu goddamn Reeves, of course.

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