Soft Foam Cabinets Are the Ultimate Kid-Friendly Furniture

Illustration for article titled Soft Foam Cabinets Are the Ultimate Kid-Friendly Furniture

If you've got little kids crawling, walking, or running around, your home is probably a maze of security gates, closed doors, and padded corners. As a parent there's no such thing as too much safety, and Netherlands-based Studio Dewi van de Klomp's unique line of soft foam cabinets could be the perfect furniture solution until your kids master the fine art of balance.


There's no indication that the design studio actually plans to put these pieces into production, most likely at the recommendation of their legal team. Because while they're certainly safe to crash into, they don't seem like the best place to keep the fine china.

As you can see, they deform and change shape as you fill them, which the studio argues is part of the appeal. And while that is questionably appealing, just imagine how easy moving day would be if all the furniture in your apartment was made of foam. [Studio Dewi van de Klomp via designboom]


SD Gator

Because its much better to have unstable foam embedded with breakable objects to tip over and fall on your child than t0 install child locks.

These people obviously don't have kids of their own. *rolls eyes*