Sol Republic's Punk Speaker Is a Tiny Cheap Bluetooth Powerhouse

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Small, portable bluetooth speakers have been around for a while, and they're rarely exciting. Still, Sol Republic's new coaster-sized Punk is worth pointing out because it's likely to be an unusual pairing of good quality with a cheap price tag.

I had chance to hear the Punk's single speaker driver blast through some tunes, and it's very loud, which amazingly, is what most people want from speakers, even when they're tiny. The square speaker fits comfortably in your back pocket, and it's rugged enough to survive getting dropped on the deck or doused with a cannonball splash.


Though the speaker warrants a full review, it's worth noting that Sol Republic is usually a reliable purveyor of solid gear for a reasonable price.

And indeed, what really sets the Punk apart is price. It costs $70, which is considerably cheaper than other diminutive speakers like the UE Boom Mini and Boombotix Rex speakers, which both cost $100. [Sol Republic]


Photo by Nick Stango