Soldiers May Soon Be Able to Control a Herd of Robots With Their Heads

A new Army program, called Heads-Up Display for Control of Unmanned Ground Vehicles, is said to be developing an "eyeglasses-like display" that projects live video feeds from robots on the ground. That's no breakthrough. But what is new is that our soldiers may even be able to drive these robots—using only the natural movement of their heads.

How would it work? Danger Room reports that a voicemail sent to the Army's program manager has not yet been returned—but they've got a few guesses. They suggest that the eyeglasses might function like a wearable Wii, or may use technology that's similarly found in the iPhone's accelerometer. Meaning, to be able to control what you see through the glasses, you'll probably have to just learn some gestures with your head, making the combat environment more immersive. Coming soon: Dance Central Killer Robot Edition. [Wired]


Image Credit: Robot

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