You Can Now Buy Special Ammo Just for Shooting Down Drones

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Have you ever wanted to shoot a drone out of the sky but just didn’t have the right kind of bullets? You’re in luck, you violent-minded human, you. Snake River Shooting Products just started shipping its Drone Munition. “PREPARE FOR THE DRONE APOCALYPSE!”


The Idaho-based company says that the shotgun shells come with “high quality load that will effectively disable a drone encroaching your property’s airspace.” You should realize that shooting down a stranger’s drone might come with some legal consequences. That is, unless you do it in self defense. It’s unclear if what self defense will look like if the drone apocalypse does descend upon us in the near future. But maybe for new let’s not shoot robots out of the sky—unless you have a drone hunting license, of course.

Image via Snake River Shooting Products

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Am I the only one who thinks that #2 steel shot isn’t that specialized of an amunition?

Personally, I think something to either jam up the rotors or fry the electronics would work much better. Perhaps some steel shot that is hooked up to thin wires or kevlar threads, or some shot that breaks into small electric conductive pieces on contact.