Some Wii Accessories Are Better Left Unmade

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It's inflatable, so at least you can stow it away under your bed or in a closet in its natural deflated state—but really, how many times would you actually use this racing kart?


What, the various steering wheels available just aren't good enough? You need a kart with an inbuilt steering wheel holder, for curving 'round those bends in Mario Kart, Need For Speed and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing? Ok, if you say so. Try and sit through the below pitch from "Doug" and *giggle "Julie" though, and see if you can still stomach laying down $40 for it. [Target via Kotaku]


This just somehow reminded me of these terrible kids' toys that made you dizzy and puke everywhere as a kid. Seriously, who invented these things? I can't remember one time on one of these things ending well.