Somehow the New Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Is Even Crazier Than the First

The first trailer for Thor: Ragnarok is one of those trailers you never, ever forget. So, the cast and crew had a lot to live up to at Comic-Con, but the new trailer take care of at all. It’s a two-and-a-half-minute ball of action, awesomeness, humor, and insanity that may be the most purely fun Marvel movie trailer we’ve ever seen, all courtesy of director Taika Waititi. Guys, Thor and Loki are shooting people with laser guns.


The trailer makes it clear that Thor and Loki will team up to defeat Hela and Ragnarok. Plus, we’ve got the wolf Fenris, more of Thor and Bruce Banner’s delightful banter, general valkyries on pegasi, Valkyrie the character, sassy Jeff Goldblum, and so, so much more. Including the fact that the Hulk is going to fight the fire giant Surtur, and that is something we’re very much looking forward to seeing. Check out the trailer for yourself here:

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I’ll just say it first....ASGARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!