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Somehow There Were No Injuries From This Terrifying Plane Crash Caught on Dashcam

GIF: YouTube

Driver Simon Li was in the right place, at the right time, for his vehicle’s dashcam to capture what looks like a terrifying and deadly crash of a Piper PA32 single-engine airplane. But it turns out both the plane’s pilot and passenger were able to climb out of the plane’s wreckage and walk away afterwards, with no other reported injuries.


The crash happened Tuesday afternoon in Mukilteo, Oregon, immediately after the plane took off from Paine Field airport. The massive fireball seen in the video was the result of fuel igniting after the plane clipped a power line, followed by a street light, causing the inferno to rain down on the street below.

After the plane lost power and the pilot couldn’t restart the engine, he steered the aircraft towards the nearby Harbour Pointe Boulevard which was free of traffic. The plane still ended up hitting at least five vehicles before coming to a stop, but there were no additional injuries reported.


Aside from nearby streets being shut down while police and firefighters dealt with the wreckage and damage it caused, some 9,000 local residents lost power until the lines could be repaired. An inconvenience, undoubtedly, but far less catastrophic than Li’s dashcam footage may make the crash appear.

[YouTube via KIRO7]

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Mukilteo, Oregon? It’s Mukilteo, WASHINGTON.

Fact check, Liszewski.