You know that box of old LEGO blocks under your childhood bed? (Or your current bed.) Now's the time to surrender at least a handful of them for the greater good of humanity. In this case, the greater good involves helping Milan Sekiz build a full-body exoskeleton out of LEGO.

Sekiz recently posted images of a Powerglove-shaped creation called A.R.M. to Flickr. As the name implies, it's an exoskeleton that fits over your arm and hand.


It wouldn't really help protect you in battle or give you super strength. It does look really cool, though.

Can you imagine a whole body suit built out of LEGO? Sekiz can. The blockhead says he wanted to build the full-body version but could only manage enough parts for one arm. Care to help a brother out? Contact the builder here.

Images via Flickr

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