Sometimes Crazy-Low Jet Flyovers End in Disintegrated Fuel Tanks

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This month's daring (to say the least!) grass-buzzing Argentine flyover was pretty great. He didn't crash! But sometimes aerial hotdogging isn't so clean—as was the case with this other Argentine pilot.

Flight guru David Cenciotti brings us this footage of an Argentine AF A-4AR Fightinghawk attempting a gravity-torturing climb from very close to the ground. The results? Not good! The plane's fuel tank pops off and crumbles from the maneuver's stress, crashing to the ground. At this point, were I the pilot, I would be wishing I still had that fuel tank, so I could stay up in the air forever and not land and be yelled at for fucking up my expensive jet. Live and learn! [LiveLeak via David Cenciotti]