Sony Announces 8GB Memory Stick Pro Duo

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Sony announced it's raising the capacity of its Memory Stick Pro Duo to 8GB. Going on sale in Japan on March 9 for $325, the eight-gig flash memory cards won't work with all Sony VAIO laptops or Cybershot cameras—only with those sold in 2007. The good news is that your PlayStation Portable (PSP) will accept the new flash cards, but you'll need to be running firmware version 2.81.


Of course, Sony has such a proprietary mindset that some of its products aren't compatible with its own proprietary memory sticks. You might want to check the compatibility page (which doesn't include the 8GB Memory Stick yet, but promises to do so soon), listing the dozens of Sony products and telling you which one of the company's Memory Sticks will work with each. It's like navigating through a maze. Not amazing at all.

Sony pegs Memory Stick Pro Duo to 8GB [Newlaunches]

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I am not certain I buy into this being a Sony problem. Have you seen all of the variations of SD cards these days and the wicked maze you have to travel to determine if your device is compatible with any particular one of them? There might have been a day (five years ago?) when there were two type of memory cards, and then there was Sony, but now there are seemingly hundreds of variations.

I know it sucks, but the battle to have a 'standard' in memory cards has long since been lost.