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Sony recently announced that it plans to release a fully functional Blu-ray recorder in Japan by the end of the year. It won't be the first such Blu-ray recorder released by the company (the BDZ-S77 was released in 2003 but couldn't play commercial Blu-ray discs and could only record onto discs enclosed inside cartridges; that's it up above), but this yet-unnamed recorder will actually be useful: it'll record onto normal, 25GB or 50GB non-cartridge Blu-ray discs and it'll play back commercial Blu-ray discs no problem. Good for Sony, making their Blu-ray players actually play Blu-ray content.

Sony intends on pushing the Blu-ray recorder as part of a high definition celebration of life in Japan during the upcoming months. No price or release date—Japanese or otherwise—has been released thus far.


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