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We got a closer look at all of Sony's rear-projection TVs today, otherwise known as micro-displays, and these units had three LCDs inside a cabinet that the company says is 22% slimmer than previous Sony Grand Wega Projection TVs. Here's a good look at the side of the slimmed-down 50 inch KDF-50E3000, a 1080p TV whose cabinet looks just as good from the side as its picture does from the front. As long as you stand right in front of it at a viewing angle that's not too high or low, the thing looks positively excellent, with extremely black blacks, and extraordinary brightness and sharpness.

Sony decided to bring its rear screen TVs as well as front projectors into the Bravia fold, since they seem to be getting a lot of mileage out of that sub-brand. So now they're calling these Bravias, and with their high 1920x1080p resolution, there is no "screen door effect" to be seen even though they use those three LCDs.


Sony admitted in a press conference that its micro-display TVs were losing popularity to its hot-selling and ever cheaper LCD models, but we're still big fans of the rear screen projector, the cheapest way to get a big, sharp and bright screen in HDTV land.

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