Sony CEO on the Wii, iPhone, and How Sony Almost Beat the iPod

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It's not often you get a CEO to sit down and talk candidly about their company, so props to the folks at Smart House who got Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer to dish out some dirt on their competition and their place in the gadget kingdom. Throughout the interview Stringer talks about his personal life (he was once a journalist alongside Dan Rather) and gives us his opinion on Nintendo's Wii, Apple, and Sony's own problems.

Stringer on PS3

"Wii is a wonderful device...if we fail, it is because we positioned PS3 as the Mercedes of the video game field."


Stringer on Blu-ray

We are selling 3-to-1 vs. them. At some point Blu-ray will take over."

Stringer on iPhone

"Steve Jobs spotted a trend that we've seen. We are all building variations on the same theme."


Stringer on iPod

"In 1997 we were working with IBM on electronic music distribution and could have put this out five years earlier [than iPod]. But we couldn't get our people to understand software."


Stringer on Steve Jobs

"I would never sit up here and say I'm not worried about Steve Jobs. I wouldn't bet against Steve."


Overall, it's a very interesting interview with Sony's "accidental" CEO. Check out the full read below.

Sony Boss Talks About Steve Jobs and Apple [Smart House via Electronista]