Trying to make the world forget about its exploding laptop batteries, Sony releases its latest earth-shattering innovation, extending the maximum length of a DV tape to 85 minutes. These MiniDV cassettes work with both standard-definition DV gear and the latest HDV high-definition camcorders and decks, letting you shoot 22 extra minutes of video hijinks onto a single tape.

No word on how Sony has managed to pack the extra minutes' worth of tape into these MiniDV cassettes, but we're thinking perhaps the tape itself might be a bit thinner. But honestly, this whole tape thing is getting old; we would prefer solid-state everything. Let's just hope that camcorder battery doesn't catch on fire—a lot can happen in 22 minutes.


Why the longer tape, anyway? Well, longer is better for sure, and maybe Sony is remembering one reason why it lost the Betamax vs. VHS battle: its Betamax machines could only record five hours to VHS's six.

Sony announces 85 minute Mini-DV cassette [Newlaunches]

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