Sony Ericsson and KDDI Hook Up for the Walkman W52S

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It looks fugly when shut, but slide open the W52S and all of a sudden it doesn't look so bad. What is bad, however, is that this phone is part of KDDI's Au project, a series of collaborations between cellphone manufacturers and designers, so don't expect the W52S to head over our way from its Japanese home anytime soon. The W52S comes In three colors, Arpeggio Blue, Pizzicato Pink (No! No! NO!) and dull old Silver - admit it, the electric blue is kinda whizz-bang fabulous, isn't it? It's out in Japan at the end of this month. Full specs after the jump, and there's a gallery for you to "Ooh" and "Aah" at right here.


2.7-inch liquid crystal display (240×432 pixels)
The picture quality revision technology "RealityMAX" picture quality which uses BRAVIA technology
2.01 Megapixel camera
Measures 108mm x 57mm x 22mm
130 grams
230 mins calling time
270 hours standby
Clear Audio Technology sound
2GB memory
One-handed playback and volume control
FM transmitter
car stereo compatible
DBEX sound improvement function
MicroSD card slot for M2 memory stick


au and 2GB memory built-in Walkman K tie "W52S" [PC Watch through Google Translate]