Sony Ericsson to Make Future Mobiles Like the PSP?

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File this under "Rumor" for now, but the folks at Clipset are reporting that Sony is looking for some cellphone gaming action via their Sony Ericsson line of mobiles.

Like the high-end Cybershot and Walkman phones, Sony Ericsson's new "gaming" phones would pack a lot of media muscle and have an interface like the PSP's. The idea sounds feasible, but considering Nokia's success (or lack thereof) with the N-Gage and Sony's own success with the PSP, we're not quite sold on this just yet.

Sony Mobile Games? [Clipset]

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I think the PSP is a great form factor for a portable device. It's really only been Sony's poor game lineup (and the failed UMD) that has caused it's sales to sag. If Sony really is looking to re-work the PSP, giving it the ability (or option) to connect to cell networks (especially for data, but voice would be nice, especially if they put Bluetooth on the PSP for earpiece use) should not be overlooked.