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Sony Ericsson just released a new Walkman phone called the Sony Ericsson W550, which is basically the same Tri-band/GPRS model as the W600a, except it s for Europe, Africa, and Asia. And as for the W600a, it s now being branded as the W600i for global distribution as a Quad-Band/EDGE phone. Quick reminder on the stats: two external speakers, quality stereo headphones, MP3 and AAC playback, FM tuner,1.3 megapixel camera, 4x digital zoom, 256 MB internal memory, and a bright 1.8 inch 262k color display.

The W600i will be available stateside in Q4, and the same goes for the W550 in the rest of the world. Hallelujah.


Sony Ericsson W600a

Press Release [Sony Ericsson via InfoSync]