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Sony Ericsson has just announced the M600i, the second UIQ3-powered phone from the joint venture. The M600i sports 240x320 touchscreen, 80MB of memory and UMTS GSM 900/1800/1900 capability. (Which means, should we get this particular model in the US, it will be with Cingular.)

As expected, the phone is pretty small (it weighs only 3.9 oz.) and can interface with corporate email servers such as Exchange. A well-appointed media player is standard, as is stereo Bluetooth support. The only things you will probably miss are Wi-Fi and a camera, although European smartphones tend to launch without Wi-Fi about as frequently as ours do here.


With a "dual function keyboard" not unlike the 7100-series Blackberry phones but also a touch-screen, there should be plenty of ways to get your information into this smartphone—assuming you like the UIQ3 environment.

Sony Ericsson Announce M600i UIQ Smartphone [All About Symbian]