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Sony confirmed the April release of its HDR-HC3E high-definition camcorder, a compact device that the company hopes will bring HD videography into the mainstream. In addition to recording in the high-quality but low-bandwidth and low-cost HDV format, the camcorder also can connect via HDMI directly to an HDTV for viewing or to a recording device for uncompressed high definition video recording. The HDR-HC3E also functions as a 2.3-megapixel still camera with built-in flash, able to grab pictures while recording in high-definition video at the same time. You can view all this imagery through a relatively large 2.7-inch widescreen foldout viewfinder, and then store photos on a Memory Stick Pro Duo. Of course, the video is stored on garden-variety DV tape. Take a look at how small this mini-corder is—fits in your palm and only weighs slightly more than a pound. List price will be $1700.

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