Sony Internet TV Multitasks Perfectly with Picture-in-picture

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We all know that the way we view television is changing. In fact, between YouTube, Hulu, DVR backlists and Netflix, most of us barely watch actual TV at all. So if appointment programming is a thing of the past, what's next? You deserve nothing less than the seamless integration of all the content you want, be it Internet, apps or the latest episode of your favorite shows—all on one device.

Everyone looks for ways to multitask more efficiently. Now imagine being able to watch movies, television and video clips with full HD (1080p) picture and Edge LED backlighting, while tweeting and updating your Facebook pictures at the same time—on the same screen. It's all totally possible with the Sony Internet TV , whose unparalleled picture-in-picture performance allows you to do everything, all at once. The smaller picture is even resizable and movable so you can personalize your browsing and viewing for a multitasking experience that's perfect for you.


Powerful picture-in-picture viewing and Google TV architecture are just some of the many features of Sony Internet TV. Head here for more for more information on all of its astounding abilities.