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This is not exactly a camcorder you'd take to the family picnic; the Sony F23 is the latest 1080p (1920x1080) camera in the company's CineAlta line of cameras that are a favorite of digital cinematographers. The F23 takes its place at the top of the CineAlta line, supporting just about every high-end resolution including the coveted 1080/24p format favored by filmmakers.

When docked with Sony's SRW-1 VTR, it's also able to record at just about any frame rate between 1p and 60p using its three 2/3-inch CCD imagers, allowing shooters to create high-rez fast-motion or slow-motion effects. It also has that highest of high-end 4:4:4 sampling ratio for only the richest color. It'll be available next spring at an undisclosed price. We'll probably be watching blockbuster movies made on this monster by next summer.


Sony's New F23 Camera Rises To The Pinnacle Of The CineAlta Acquisition Line-Up [Sony]

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