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While Blu-ray and HD-DVD seem to be getting all the attention, Sony is still serving its customers interested in recording video directly to DVDs. It's added two additions to its DVDirect DVD recorder family, the VRD-MC3 which can store both video and digital photos, and the VRD-VC30 which works with video only. The neat trick here is that both can record video directly from Sony Handycam camcorders without the need for a computer. There are some surprisingly nice-looking units—check out the MC3 in the picture above with its 2.5-inch color LCD screen. Yeah.

Sony really makes it easy, too, where the foolproof process lets you connect the camcorder and push a "DVD Burn" button, and then these recorders automatically burn a DVD for you. The hardest part is cracking open that impenetrable shrinkwrap on the DVD package and inserting the disc. Too bad this only works with Sony camcorders. The price is right, too, where the MC3 will be $250, and the VC30 will be $200. Both will be available in October.


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