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Sony Mylo: Media Player With WiFi, Skype, Browser, and Messaging

Illustration for article titled Sony Mylo: Media Player With WiFi, Skype, Browser, and Messaging

Compared to most Sony gear we've seen over the past few years, the mylo is a breath of fresh air. The media player does MPEG-4, digital audio, and pictures. But it also has a WiFi connection and a QWERTY keyboard, for chatting on Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger (No AIM support, sorry.) Wait, wait, wait! It also works as a wireless Skype phone! And it has an Opera browser. And it can wirelessly stream music to other mylo owners in the area, ala iTunes. Without cellular connectivity, its not going to best a Hiptop, but we love the open standard support. Full Stats and a video review after the jump.

The mylo has 1GB of flash memory, backed by a Memory Stick Pro Duo slot. Its screen is a 320 by 240 pixel 2.4-inch LCD. It'll retail for $350 when it hits the shelves in September.


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Yeah, but do you need an adapter to read your PS2 and PSOne memory devices? Because, if you do, then this is the biggest blunder Sony has made since the post earlier today about the PS3.

Travis ball-busting aside, the device looks pretty good. Sony must have been expecting the iPhone to be released today and this was going to be their response. If the iPhone had been released, this device would have been a footnote on the day. But, as it is, this is the highlight.