We just had a great deal on the NEX-3NL, but if you're looking for something with a little more kick (and a sweet OLED viewfinder), then the NEX-7 is for you. For many, that viewfinder alone will be worth the price bump. The NEX-7 is currently $1000 on Amazon with one lens. B&H has it with two lenses and a $100 gift card and a bag and a memory card for the same price. [B&H]

We don't come across a ton of great projector deals, but this Acer 3D Home Projectorfor just $405 is definitely one of them. Lumen level and lamp life are both great on this Acer, and it also happens to be the Wirecutter's pick for best sub-$500 projector. [Amazon]

It's not the most customizable router in the world, but Apple's new AirPort Extreme supports 802.11ac, is dead simple to set up and maintain, and looks good enough to put out on display. Today you can pick one up for $165, which is $35 off MSRP, and $20 off Amazon's price. If you want a high speed 2TB drive built in for backups, you can also pick up an otherwise identical Time Capsule for $250, which is $50 off retail, and $28 off Amazon's price.

AirPort Extreme 802.11ac Base Station | $165 [open box]

AirPort Time Capsule 2TB 802.11ac Base Station | $250

Amazon's deal of the day is your choice of FURINNO adjustable laptop desk for an all-time low price of $40. These could also work well as tall monitor risers for a makeshift standing desk.

FURINNO Adjustable Laptop Desks | $40 - Multiple Varieties

Fitbit One | $85 | Use code bloggers15off

Amazon has quite the selection of Jack Link's Beef Jerky on sale. It's not a Slim Jim, but we suggest you snap into it anyway.



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