Sony Party Shot Automatic Camera Mount Is For People Who Have Lots of Parties, But No Friends With Cameras

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So here's what you're supposed to do: Nestle your Cybershot point-and-shoot atop the Party Shot motorized monopod, set a few parameters, and party hard. In theory, when you wake up, you'll have a memory card full of semi-candid, Facebook-ready pictures.

In theory! In practice, it's hard to see how well this would work. Although its facial-recognition, focus, flash control and intelligent rotation represent distinct advantages over a drunk dude with a camera, the fact that it's stranded wherever you put it seems like it would sort of kill the possibility of truly candid shots, and make your photo albums a mite repetitive. Also, it's a little creepy, as you can see in this video. I don't even know what I'd think of that wasted.

The Party Shot will also shoot panoramas, though sadly just regular wide ones, not world-enveloping mega-mosaics like the Gigapan system produces. AA batteries keep the Party Shot untethered from power outlets, and are said to last around 11 hours. No word on price or availability yet. Ok, a few words: It'll be release in Japan in early September for around $160. Still no idea about wide release, but it should make its way stateside eventually. [Sony]