Sony PS3 Getting IPTV, Beats Microsoft to the Punch

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After all of Microsoft's big talk about IPTV at last year's CES, it will be dark horse Sony PS3 that rolls out an IPTV service first. Because according to The Korea Times, Korea's big telecom operator KT will provide its HD Mega TV service to PS3s starting this November (better late than never). Since Mega TV is already IPTV based, the PS3 could be considered a set top replacement, with a potential monthly savings on box rentals that could subsidize the game machine in a sweet way over the course of a few years.

But with no exact details or pricing info, we're getting ahead of ourselves. Still, KT is excited about the potential of working with Sony's platform through the future, promising, "We will seek more cooperation with SCEK to create synergy." Hopefully it's totallyunbelievablyawesome and US services will follow. [Korea Times via engadget]

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They should have called it the 'Watchstation' since it is clear no one is ever going to play anything on this machine.