Sony Sells 250,000 PSP Slims in Japan in Four Days

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Apparently, the Japanese were just waiting with wallets in hand for Sony to drop the new version of their PSP; they went ahead and bought 250,000 of the things in the first four days they were on sale. That's about how many units Sony sold of the original PSP in the two months leading up to the PSP Slim launch. That's certainly good news for Sony, which at this point is getting really sick and tired of getting slapped around by Nintendo in the sales charts. The new PSP is cheaper, but still pricier than the DS Lite ($172 vs. $146). Will the slimmer form factor and faster load times be enough to give the PSP some more juice in this battle? We'll see, but it's certainly a promising start. [Reuters]

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I don't particularly care about the PSP, just so long as the cash from this can give the Playstation division some wiggle-room and resources to get PS3 on track.