Sony Sued For Pulling PS3 Linux Support

On April 1st, Sony's PS3 3.21 firmware update removed the ability to run other operating systems on the device—most notably Linux. Three weeks later, they're facing a class action suit. Good.


The suit, filed on Tuesday by Anthony Ventura, alleges that Sony has violated their sales contract by taking out an advertised feature. And while Sony's motivation—presumably to curb the piracy that Linux enabled—makes sense from a business perspective, they probably should have thought of that before allowing Linux support in the first place.

The lawsuit would cover anyone who purchased and kept a PS3 (not PS3 Slim, which never supported other OSes in the first place) from its November 2006 launch to when the update was first announced on March 28th, and damages sought are over $5 million. [Eurogamer via Electronista]

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