Sony: Take Your Children to the Eye Doctor

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Sony is not taking any risks with its latest set of terms and conditions, warning of "eye strain, eye fatigue or nausea" and suggesting children have their eyes poked by a doctor before being allowed to play 3D games.

Because the eyes of kids aren't finished and still have growing to do, Sony suggests the trip to the "eye doctor" before you let them wear the magical 3D glasses—along with constant parental supervision while kids play 3D games. So if your child's eyes hurt and don't work properly 20 years from now it's not Sony's fault—you checked the checkbox. You scrolled disinterestedly through the T&Cs before letting it play WipEout HD in 3D for 14 hours.


The full warning about the dangers of 3D has been copied & pasted below for your own safety. [Sony T&Cs via VG247]

Some people may experience discomfort (such as eye strain, eye fatigue or nausea) while watching 3D video images or playing stereoscopic 3D games on 3D televisions. If you experience such discomfort, you should immediately discontinue use of your television until the discomfort subsides.

SCEA recommends that all viewers take regular breaks while watching 3D video or playing stereoscopic 3D games. The length and frequency of necessary breaks may vary from person to person. Please take breaks that are long enough to allow any feelings of discomfort to subside. If symptoms persist, consult a doctor.

The vision of young children (especially those under six years old) is still under development. SCEA recommends that you consult your doctor (such as a pediatrician or eye doctor) before allowing young children to watch 3D video images or play stereoscopic 3D games. Adults should supervise young children to ensure they follow the recommendations listed above.

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Alright, I have to ask.

Are my eyes screwed up, or something? Whenever I see a 3d movie now (talking about the polarized glasses 'modern' 3d, not the ol' red and blue glasses) the movie looks awesome. The colors are bright, vivid, and beautiful. And it has a nice depth to it, that adds to the experience. I always describe this new 3d as being more of a big box that extends slightly out of the screen, so instead of seeing a flat screen, you see some depth, but it's not really the old "OH MY GOD! THAT CAR IS FLYING RIGHT AT ME!" 3d.

Yet, whenever I see it advertised (like in the image above), it is always shown with things flying at people like the old 3d.

I have not once experienced this, with the 'new' 3d.