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When we heard the rumor mill cranking out murky info about the Sony "Rolly" music player, all we knew was that it's egg shaped, might have built-in speakers and it has motion-activated features on board. Now Sony has opened up a teasing Rolly website with too many lame-ass and evasive videos on board, further hinting that this thing is motion-activated, button-less, communicates with other players, is small and might shuffle when you shake it. Sheesh, does everyone have to market their crap like Apple does? Our patience is wearing thin with this shit.


After some arm twisting from website Digital Lifestyle, Sony brass admits that, yes, it's a digital media player, and they want us to think about it as a "music-focused Wii on wheels." You know a product idea's already in trouble when its company officials refer to their competitors when trying to describe it.

Here's the the teasing clues Sony is doling out bit by bit at its Rolly site, just in case reading a bunch of scrolling words is too tedious for you or might make you dizzy: small, motion, open, communication, freestyle, chill, lucky, abstraction, peace, shuffle, share, music, kurukuru. Got it? [Rolly]

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