Sony's Early Morpheus Prototype Looked Pretty Dumb

Illustration for article titled Sonys Early Morpheus Prototype Looked Pretty Dumb

Sony's Project Morpheus VR headset looks fantastic but the early prototypes... not so much. This early version of the headset may have offered plenty of the requisite VR headset features, but it did also feature three Sony Move controllers strapped to it, seemingly at random.

It's in some contrast to the "sleek futuristic ski mask with blue glowing lights" that we reported on yesterday. Fortunately. [Engadget]

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If that was just a lab prototype, that's what they all look like. The bigger and clunkier the better...more room for test harnesses and for engineers to get in there and debug.

I remember the motherboards that we used at Intel to prototype new servers were the about the size of a door with the top half lopped off. They would be stood up vertical on the lab benches so they wouldn't take up too much lab space.