Sony's Happy Face Cameras Contort Frowns Into Awkwardness

Katie B. over at the WSJ did a roundup of camera tech. I liked this section on Sony's Happy Face Retouch that automatically turns frowns into smiles. Sort of:

It took already captured images of my friends' faces and turned their frowns or ambivalent looks into smiles, but didn't adjust the subjects' eyes. Though this was good for laughs, the eerie-looking grins pasted on faces reminded me of painted-on clowns' mouths. And some attempts to retouch a face couldn't detect the face to alter it. But a handful of the Happy Face Retouches looked somewhat natural.


Silly Sony, smiles happen with your entire face, not just the lips and teeth. P.S. FWIW, Katie does not normally smile like a zombie. [All Things D]

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