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The HDR-UX1 and the HDR-SR1 are two camcorders from Sony that take advantage of the AVCHD format. This High Definition format works with 8cm DVDs, flash memory or hard drive based storage.


The first of the two camcorders, the HDR-UX1 records to 8cm Dual Layer DVDs that allow for up to 1 hour of HD content. The audio will also be stored in an improved format—Dolby Digital 5.1. The unit will be available in September for $1,400.

The second camcorder, the HDR-SR1, stores its movies onto a hard drive, and thus, can save up to 10 hours of HD video. The hard drive costs an extra $100 over the 8cm DVD version, but won't cause any delays, so the HDR-SR1 will be available in September for $1,500.

Both camcorders have HDMI output and can shoot 2.3 megapixel stills.

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