Sony's PRS-300 and PRS-600 eBook Readers Leaked in Service Manuals

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The followups to Sony's PRS-700 eBook reader seem to have surfaced in some service manuals dated July 2009. The two readers have these specs:

The PRS-300 will be available in red, black and silver and has a five inch display with 440MB of internal storage (no expandable memory card slots). The PRS-600 will also be available in the same colors, but will also have a larger six inch touchscreen display, audio output, and MS/SD card compatibility with 440mb of internal storage. No lighting or wireless is mentioned in either of the service manuals, but we are NOT opting that out as a feature at this time until we get some sort of confirmation.


So we're not sure if it has the backlighting that Wilson hated so much in the PRS-700, but seeing as the model numbers are lower, we're guessing that this will hit at somewhere below the $400 price tag of Sony's higher model. Especially since the Kindle 2 is now $300. [Sony Insider]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I would really like to have an E-reader but they are simply still too expensive for me. Are the prices kept so high because the E-ink Corp. is the only company mass producing these screens and can set whatever price they want or does it really just cost a lot to make these screens?