Sony's Tiny Activity Tracker Is Adorable and... Emotional?

Sony just got into the wearable activity tracker game, with their new product, The Core. The Core—which looks like it's about one inch long by half an inch wide—can be worn in a pocket or placed into a sleek wrist band. Sony says it may be the smallest product they've ever made.


Using Sony's LifeLog app (which will be on the new Xperia smartphones), Sony claims that it will track not only your physical motion, but also your emotion. What the hell does that mean? Things like location tracking and logging your photos. But who knows. It's still early in the process but it's obvious that Sony wants this to be more than a fitness tracker and become a way to log your life. Sony says they'll be announcing many partnerships soon, and perhaps it will become clearer then.

Sony's Core will pop into various devices but Sony focused on the SmartBand, which would turn the Core into a wrist-worn fitness tracker in one of many colors. The band looked nice and slim at least, which is good news. But details on this wearable device were thin, Sony will have more to say about it later this year at Mobile World Congress. It's definitely piqued our curiosity.

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