South Korea Plans Giant Eco Dome

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The Ecorium Project, South Korea's planned nature reserve, is a stunner. The 33,000 sq. meter park includes a wetland reserve, a wild plant area, and maybe—just maybe—two dudes and their hilarious hijinks.


The structure will comprise a series of connected domes, each of which contains its own greenhouse.

Sponsored by the National Ecological Institute of South Korea and designed by Samoo, the Ecorium Project is going to be as much an educational center as it is a preserve. It'll also be energy-efficient itself, with each greenhouse being capable of detecting external climate conditions and making the appropriate adjustments inside. The exterior will be made of metal panels, low-iron and low-e double glazing, wood and plexiglass.


While there's no word on when it will be completed—or started, for that matter—it's great to see a project like this moving past the concept phase and into development. [World Architecture News via Inhabitat]

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If the hot chicks from the movie are there, sign me up.

In the meantime, fruit smoothies anyone?